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Sacopee Tv is ready for you! Tune in and see what is new for this School Year. Exciting new programming! LIVE ON THE WEB 24/7 STRAIGHT FROM THE AIRWAVES. DON'T HAVE CABLE, OR ARE ON SATELLITE TV? YOU NOW HAVE SACOPEE TV!

About Us

Sacopee TV is a student run community access station, located at Sacopee Valley High School. High school students have the opportunity to manage, broadcast and record live local TV! Students receive participation points for filming school and community events, as well as hourly pay for events outside of the school day. Sacopee Tv is overseen in the classroom by Mrs. Taylor, and the Station Coordinator is Heath Cormier.

Supporting the surrounding towns: PORTER, PARSONSFIELD, BALDWIN, HIRAM, & CORNISH.


The Sacopee TV Program is overseen by SACOPEE TV Coordinator Jr Stevenson. He can be reached at or by calling Sacopee Valley High School at 207-625-3208.

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