SVMS Athletics Updates

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Please remember that in order to participate in SVMS athletics a student will need: -A completed registration -An up to date physical exam/clearance from a doctor (15 month window) -Proof of insurance - See below for an option if your student does not have insurance.

Cumberland County Conference

Sacopee Valley Middle School is a member of the Cumberland County Athletic Conference (Triple "C"). The TRIPLE “C” CONFERENCE supports the philosophy that each individual team member should participate in each athletic contest, if eligible. Each school’s athletic administrator has the responsibility of monitoring this philosophy.

It is understood that all schools will have a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team. If a school has at least the minimum number of 8th graders, no 7th graders may play on the 8th grade team. A school is allowed to use only that number of 7th graders that will fill the 8th grade roster to the minimum number of participants for that particular sport. This same procedure and policy is true for 6th graders playing on 7th grade teams. 6th graders may participate and score in cross country (fall) and track (spring).

Co-Curricular and Extra curricular Behavior and Expectations

Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right. It is expected that SVMS student-athletes conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner while representing their school, community and family. Therefore, there are additional rules and policies that student-athletes must follow in order to be eligible including the following: Possession/use of tobacco products, Possession/use/distribution of alcohol, narcotics or other unauthorized drugs, Bullying, harassment, and injurious hazing, Co-Curricular and Extra curricular conduct.

SVMS Athletics Philosophy

Middle school is often the first time some of our athletes experience organized athletics and there are often different policies and rules that we must follow as a district and as a member of the middle school Triple “C” Conference.

We view this experience as a learning opportunity to prepare athletes to have a successful and enjoyable experience at the high school level while also understanding that not every middle school athlete will be interested in participating at the high school level. Although winning often is important to parents, athletes and coaches, it is not our emphasis. We feel that skill development, sportsmanship, learning how to be part of a team, and providing an enjoyable experience are our top priorities. If we accomplish these goals, winning will take care of itself.