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Test Taking Strategies for Students and Parents

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What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that provides supplemental help for students in reading and math.  Teachers refer students to the Student Assistance Team, who then may refer them to Title I.  Title I assesses student needs and provides help according to assessment results.  Students in grades K-1 are identified using the Observation Survey of Early Literacy Skills, Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) and Northwest Educational Assessment (NWEA), Grades 2-4 are identified using the Rigby Reading Assessment, DRA and NWEA.  The NWEA assessment and Everyday Math assessment is used for math identification.

Title I believes in quality instruction.  Students in K-2 use leveled readers in small group instruction to meet individual student needs.  Students in Grades 3-4 may use the Journeys Supplemental Program to build comprehension and/or phonics based instruction to improve decoding skills.  Students in 1-2 receive math instruction in small groups using Number Worlds.  Students in Grades 3 and 4 receive math instruction using the Focus Math program.

The Title I staff of MSAD #55 feels strongly that the best student learning happens through a partnership between school, home and the community.  Student achievement is shared through trimester reports, and Title I staff is always available to talk with parents.  Parents are welcome to observe a Title I lesson.  We do ask you call to arrange a time before coming in.

If you have questions, please call your childís teacher or Jean Stanley, Title I Coordinator.

MSAD #55  Title I Staff Directory
South Hiram: (625-8116)
                Lorraine Boutot
                Nancy Clift
                Priscilla Day
                Karen Duplin
                Michele Ridley
                Jean Stanley
                Kim Dunnells
                Kayla Eastman
                Alison Stacey
                Erika Jordan
                Amber Sturtevant
                Stacey Richard
                Emily Jewell

Sacopee Middle School: (625-2450)
                Beth Franz
                Rebecca Maynard
Title I Coordinator: (625-8116)
                 Jean Stanley
*Qualifying schools meeting federal guidelines

Our Responsibilities

As Teachers we will:
*Provide a welcoming environment where each child is valued
*Foster an atmosphere of mutual respect
*Set clear and consistent expectations for students
*Support home/school communication and be available to parents for conferences
*Encourage each child to achieve high standards
*Assess student needs and set clear goals based on individual needs
*Use appropriate curriculum and high quality instruction to instruct students
*Establish goals and expectations for each child and communicate progress through
         quarterly/trimester reports
*Continue our own learning to ensure quality instruction
*Provide parents/guardians with home activities and strategies if needed

As a Student I will:
*Respect myself by eating right, getting enough sleep, being safe and keeping a good
*Respect teachers, parents and classmates
*Ask for help
*Listen and do my best at school and at home
*Do my homework
*Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn
*Read every night for at least 15 minutes
*Respect school property. I will be responsible for books and materials that I
        borrow from the Title I specialist
*Communicate with my parents about what I am doing at school
*Share school notices with my parents
*Attend school regularly

As a Parent I will:
*Support learning by reading with my child, providing a quiet place for homework and
        helping my child with homework
*Talk with my child about the school day
*Attend parent/teacher conferences, Title I Night and other meetings
*Ensure that my child is well-rested, has a balanced diet, attends school regularly
         and is ready to learn each day
*Teach my child to respect others and be responsible for their learning
*Be involved at school by attending PTC and volunteering
*Communicate as needed with my childís classroom teacher and Title I teacher
*Encourage my child to write, read and explore math as a part of daily experiences
*Limit time in front of the TV
*Ask for help if I need it