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MSAD#55 is participating in the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI). ┬áThis program is providing Apple MacBook Air Laptop learning devices to all our students in grades 7-12 for equal access to curriculum, learning tools, and assessment in all classes.  Our "Go Home" plan is aligned with the MLTI design that looks to provide at home access to the MLTI student laptop.  A use fee of $40 is required for the take home privilege.  

Grade 7 and "New 8-12" students beginning the 18-19 MLTI Take Home Program must view the **Laptop Presentation - for all New 7-12 Parents and verify that they understand the the "Go Home" or "Stay at School" laptop plans.

8-12 parents that have already attended the Laptop Meeting may send the form listed below with the participation fee in with their student.  No laptops are permitted to leave school buildings without participation in the Go Home Program.

Only MSAD55 or State of Maine owned computers for student use are allowed on MSAD55 networks.

Technology Information

MLTI Laptop Program 18-19

MLTI Laptop Program FAQ Sheet

SVHS Student Computer Use Rules

SVMS Computer Use Rules

**Laptop Presentation - for all New 7-12 Parents

Laptop Go Home or At School Only Plan Form

Please Note:  Permissions will not be registered for grade 7 and brand new student laptop use without parent contact.
MLTI Help Desk: 1-800-919-2775

Laptop Go Home Safety Information Sheet

Common Sense Media

Internet Safety 101

Internet and Mobile Safety Workshop for Parents by uKnowKids

Infinite Campus Portal Information

Ms. McNulty's Technology Corner

MSAD 55 Technology Plan 2017-20

State Tech Plan Approval Letter

MSAD#55 Student Computer and Internet Use

MSAD#55 Student Computer and Internet Use Rules

What is the E-rate Program

Technology Staff Directory and Contact Information


Why we use Google Apps

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Please email the Help Desk if you encounter any problems

SVMS Students Participated in
the MLTI Student Conference
Thursday, May 21, 2015


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