Welcome to the MSAD 55 Wellness Page!

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Our Vision:
“M.S.A.D. #55 will be a community of life-long learners where all are challenged to become clear and effective communicators, creative problem solvers, quality workers and involved citizens.”
Wellness embodies our vision as the foundation for our students & staff!
SAD 55 encompasses three Healthy Maine Partnerships - Healthy Lakes Region, Partners for Healthier Communities, & Healthy Oxford Hills.  Together we establish our annual wellness plans.

Our Members:
Laurie Goforth, RN - SVMS & SVHS Nurse
Mary Emerson, RD - District School Nutrition Director
Connie Forbes - SVHS Physical Education Teacher
Chris Hughes - Athletic Director & SVMS Vice Principal
Judy Ingram - School Board Member
Rhonda Johnson, RN - SHVS Nurse
Kelly Dyer, CNA - SVES
Sonya Logan - Physcial Education Teacher
Britt Wolfe - SVHS Principal
Carl Costanzi & Sarah Carter - Let's Go Oxford County
Rose Prest-Morrison - Elementary Physical Education Teacher

Our next Wellness Meeting:

TBD - contact Mary Emerson at memerson@sad55.org FMI

Links for Wellness:

Healthy Maine Partnerships

Maine Coordinated School Health Program

Let's Move

Let's Go

Sacopee Valley Health Center