Typing Pal Student Log In Instructions

1.      Go to the District Website. http://www.sad55.org/
2.      Click on the 32612_80530_0.jpgicon or open your internet browser and go to:

3.      In this box typing in your Institution Code:
        For all schools the institution code is MASDMSAD.

4.      Once you type in your Institution Code this log in screen will appear.

5.      In this box enter your Username & Password.

        Usernames will be your year of graduation, First Initial,
        and last name.  Example:  If you graduate in 2020, your
        first name is Sue and last name is Test.  Your user name
        would be 20stest.

        Then type in your password and click the Log In button or
        press the return key.
6.      After you have logged in this screen will appear if you are and Elementary School Student.
        Click on the blue door to go into the course.

        If you are a Middle School then this screen will appear.
        Click on the 32612_81334_8.jpgto go into the course.

        If you are a High School then this screen will appear.
                Click on the 32612_81452_10.jpgto go into the course.

7.      If you are an Elementary School or High School Student click on the first apple, which will be jf  32612_81541_11.png
        If you are a Middle School click on the jf face. 32612_81613_12.png
        You may now start using the Typing Pal Program.  It will automatically save your work and you may resume where you left off the next time your log in.

8.      To log out, go to the top right and click Exit.