Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Burn Your Take One Video

1.      If you are a K-2 teacher or an Elementary Specialist, you many have a macbook that does not have a DVD burner.  To check this click on the apple in the upper left of your screen 32212_11018_0.jpgand click About This Mac.
2.       Click on the More Info tab.32212_11121_2.png
3.      Click on the word ATA 32212_11231_5.png .  If you see the word DVD in this area you are all set to burn a DVD 32212_11301_6.png .  If you do not see the word DVDRW and only see CDRW then you must use the external DVD burner located in each school.  To use the portable DVD burner you just need to plug it into your laptop via your USB port.
4.      Open IMovie and you should see your movie that you transferred over from the camcorder in the bottom raw footage area.32212_11358_7.png
5.      In the bottom area of IMovie click on your New Event until the yellow box is around the entire clip.
6.      Drag your highlighted clip up to the first blank box 32212_11501_9.png in the Drag Your Clip Here Area.
7.      Once your clip is placed into the Project-New Project area you will be able to tell how much time you have in your clip.  For this example I have 15 minutes as shown below my project. 32212_11605_11.png
8.      I can now decide which end or both that I want to remove from my video.  I have selected to remove 1 minute from my 15 minutes off from the end by highlighting the section that I want to delete. 32212_11635_12.png
9.      As you can see it says 32212_11658_13.pngof 15 total.  This means when I delete this section I will now have a 14 minutes of video.
10.     To delete this one minute section I am going to click Edit, Delete Selection 32212_11735_14.png
11.     Now my total time shows 14 minutes. 32212_11818_15.pngWhen videotaping for your Take One Video I might suggest that you tape at least 10 minutes more of video than you will actually need as you can only take time off the beginning and the end.
12.     I am now ready to burn my DVD so go to Share and click the word IDVD.32212_11902_16.png
13.     This is what will come up when you click IDVD
14.     Please note the time on the screen.  This one says about 16 minutes for my 14 minutes video but it could be longer.
15.     Once it has come over from IMovie, your IDVD Program will automatically open and look like this.
16.     In the New Project Box 32212_12051_19.pngtype Take One Video. 32212_12112_20.png
17.     Insert your blank DVD.  The office in your building will have blank DVDs or you can email the Help Desk and we will get a supply over to you.
18.     Click the burn circle32212_12138_21.pngon the bottom of IDVD.  When it begins to burn the DVD it will turn yellow. 32212_12201_22.png
19.     Once you have successfully clicked the burn button your screen will look like this.
20.     Please note to burn this first DVD will take much longer than burning the second DVD.  The cut version of your video may only be 15 or 20 minutes long but the burn process takes much longer so allow yourself extra time to complete the process.  We are telling folks to plan on about one to two hours to edit and burn your DVDs.
21.     When the DVD is done it will automatically pop out of your machine.  At this time you can place another blank DVD in the machine to burn additional copies.  The additional DVDs will only take a few minutes to burn unlike the first one.  Most folks are making two or three DVDs.
22.     When this message comes up insert another DVD to make additional copies.
23.     It will show the following once you have put in DVD number two. 32212_12327_25.png
The second and additional DVDs will take just a few minutes to burn.
24.     Once you have burned all of the DVD copies that you want click the Done button.
25.     Now you can quit out of IDVD.  When you do be sure to click Save incase you want to go back to your Take One Video and make extra DVDs. 32212_12443_27.png
26.     Now take your DVDs and make sure they play in a regular DVD player.  This will complete the process of burning your Take One Video onto DVD.