How to Print Using Papercut

1.      Click on the Papercut Icon 102312_73502_0.pngin your dock if Papercut doesn’t automatically open.  If the icon is not in your dock then click on 41712_112848_1.jpg , then click on the 41712_112927_3.pngfolder, and click on the 102312_73556_2.pngapplication.
2.      When this opens the following display will pop up on your screen.102312_73614_3.png
If you are in the Teacher account then it will say Balance for teacher, if you are in the Student account then it will say Balance for student.  Disregard the number in the box as this is just the application opening but not the number of copies you have in your account.
3.      Open the document that you want to print and click on the File, Print  41712_121522_3.png or Apple (Command) P.
4.      The following print box will appear.
5.      Select the printer that you would like to print to and click 41712_121658_5.png button.  
6.      The following box will appear asking you to login to Papercut.
7.      Type in your Papercut Username and Password.  Then in the Remember box click on the 41712_121844_7.pngand change the "Remember" time as needed.41712_121912_8.png

8.      Correctly filled out it will look like this.
9.      Then click the 41712_122113_10.pngbutton.

10.     Your document will now print in the printer that you selected and future print jobs will automatically print until you logout of your account.  Shutting your machine down for the day, closing the laptop cover or logging out of your machine’s account will automatically log you out of Papercut.

NOTE:  (If this is not your laptop or workstation always logout when you are through using it to keep others from using your paper counts and files)

If you are having issues with your Papercut password, please email the Help Desk to request that your password be reset.