How to Change Your Papercut Password

1.      Click Apple or Command and the letter K at the same time.
Or make sure your screen reads Finder, click Go, and click Connect to Server.

2.      Your screen should look like this:41712_104002_1.png
3.      Make sure your server is: 41712_104109_3.png
4.      Click Connect41712_104150_4.png
5.      Type in your Papercut Username. 41712_104248_6.png
6.      Click on the gear41712_104325_7.png and it will look like this. 41712_104346_8.png
7.      Click on the words. 41712_104554_9.png
8.      The following box will appear. 41712_104616_10.png
9.      Type in your Starter Papercut Password in the Old Password box and type in the password you would like to change it to in the New Password and Verify Boxes.  It will look like this:  41712_104714_12.png
10.     Then click the 41712_104741_13.pngbutton.
11.     When the following box appears 41712_104832_14.png click on your Username and the 41712_104926_15.pngbutton.

12.     Your Fileserver Account will now open and look like this. 41712_105014_16.png
13.     Then click the eject button to log out of the server when you are done. 41712_105044_17.png

14.     The next time you need to use Papercut your new password will be the password you will use to be able to print.  This will also be your new Fileserver Password as both passwords are the same.