How to Make a Pie Chart Using Numbers

1.      Open Numbers. 41712_92348_0.jpg
2.      Click Blank and Choose.  
3.      Type the following for cube count: 41712_92408_1.png
4.      Put a box around 41712_92513_2.png  and it will show the following in the lower left corner. 41712_92537_3.png
5.      Highlight the following 41712_92618_5.pngand click Insert, Chart, 3D Pie.  41712_92638_6.png
6.      Click on the chart and drag it up beside the name and numbers you have typed.41712_92935_1.png
7.      Click on the chart so the little boxes show around it and click on the Inspector.41712_93038_3.png
8.      Now click on the Chart Icon to choose the chart you would like to use.  You should choose the chart before you change the colors. 41712_93112_4.png
9.      In Inspector click show Series Name. 41712_93148_5.png

10.     Click on the Chart 1 word so it look like 41712_93337_6.png and type in the name of your chart. 41712_93359_7.png
11.     The colors don’t match so lets change them.  Click Chart Colors.  Click 3D Texture Fill, Bright Color, and Apply All. 41712_93451_8.png
12.     Click on the pie color that you want to change so it looks like this with the round dots just around that piece. 41712_93541_9.jpg
13.     Drag the color to the pie piece to change its color.  In this case drag the red block41712_93630_10.png  to the Blue Pie Piece.  When done properly the piece will look like this.41712_93845_11.png
14.     Now do the rest of the pie pieces to match the color you need.
15.     Your finished pie chart will now look like this.
16.     If you have a larger pie chart with more pieces you can change individual pieces from multiple chart colors as shown below just don’t click apply all after you have changed a piece.
17.     You can resize your chart by clicking on the small squares around the chart and dragging them to the size chart you want.

18.     If you click on the chart and then click Explode in the Inspector it will change the chart and break apart the pieces.
When you chart is complete you may now print it.