Khan Academy Login Instructions

1.      Go to the district website
2.      Click on the 3812_103724_0.jpg  , which is found at the top of the district webpage.
3.      This will bring you to a Gmail login page.3812_103751_1.png
4.      Type in your Gmail Email Address.  I will use  Your students will be using their year of graduation, first initial, and last name followed by 3812_103848_2.png
5.      Students will enter their starter password  (which is their Typing Pal password) and click
3812_103914_3.pngor press the enter key.

6.      Using this next window reset your google password to the password of your choice (maybe the same one you use for FirstClass?)
7.      The following screen will appear.
At this time they will need to click on the
8.      The following access screen will appear.
At this time click 3812_104151_8.png
9.      This will then send the student into the Khan Academy site.
10.     When done working in this site the student will need to click on 3812_104247_10.pngin the upper right hand corner to logout of the site.

11.     Once you have logged out the following screen will appear and you will now see Login in the upper right hand corner which means you have successfully logged off.