Fileserver Login Instructions

1.      Click Apple or Command and the letter K at the same time.
Or make sure your screen reads Finder, click Go, and click Connect to Server.41712_100127_0.png

2.      Your screen should look like this:41712_100240_0.png
3.      Make sure your server is: 41712_100318_1.png
4       Click Connect. 41712_100346_2.png
5.      Type in your Papercut Username and Password. 41712_100428_3.png
6.      Click Connect. 41712_100346_2.png
7.      Scroll down and find your Username, click on it and click ok. 41712_100541_5.png
8.      Your Fileserver Storage Folder will look like this:41712_101008_6.png
9.      Click on the Documents Folder to access your files.
10.     To save documents to your Fileserver Account.  Just drag them into the Documents folder that you just clicked to open.  This will save your documents on the server.
11.     Then click the eject button to log out of the server when you are done. 41712_101110_8.png