The FirstClass Client can be installed on home computers.  It can be downloaded and installed at:

Setting up FC Client

Click the setup button on the login window and fill in the server as shown below.  You may put in your user id if it's your private computer, but don't put in the password.

Setting your FC Preferences

Choose "First Class" on the menu, then "preferences".

Setting up a Mail Rule

Choose "FirstClass" on the menu, then "preferences", then Messaging"

How to Set FirstClass EMail Rules
to Prevent Unwanted EMails

1.      You can set your FirstClass account up to prevent unwanted emails from entering your FirstClass mailbox.  To do this click on  32113_83547_0.png so the box shown below appears.
2.      Click on the 32113_83717_2.png  tab followed by the  32113_83726_3.png tab.

3.      Now click on 32113_83800_4.png .

4.      This box will now appear.
5.      Click on  32113_83906_6.png so this box appears.
6.      Make sure the 32113_83940_8.png box has a32113_83947_9.png  in it.
7.      Now go down to the 32113_84009_10.png section and click on the 32113_84025_11.png  so these options appear.

8.      Here click 32113_84105_13.png .

9.      When you click 32113_84105_13.png the following bar will appear.
10.     In the space box next to matches enter the email address of the sender that you want to block from sending you any email as shown below.
11.     Remember instead of typing this email address in you can copy the address from your email and paste it into the box.

12.     Now go down to the  32113_84246_18.png section and click on the  32113_84259_19.png so the following rule is displayed.

13.     Here select 32113_84336_21.png  and then it will never show up in your email again.

14.     When done correctly the box will look like this.
15.     Now click 32113_84432_23.png .  

16.     You can now close out of Rules and Preferences.  From now on the email address that you entered will not show up in your mailbox.