Avervision Document Camera Quick Reference Guide

There will be times when you will want a Substitute Teacher to use a document camera but don’t want to leave your laptop behind for the Ladibug use.  When this happens, you can sign out the Avervision Document Camera as they do not require a laptop to run and are very user friendly with the below easy set up steps.

1.      Turn on your LCD projector.  The VGA cable on the back of the LCD projector should be plugged in to the computer in port.
2.      Plug the other end of the VGA cable in to the Avervision Document Camera in to the port marked in blue VGA OUT.
3.      Plug the Avervision power cord in to the port marked DC 12V.
4.      To turn the unit on press the silver button to the left of where the cords are plugged in.
5.      Now you should see what you want to display on the LCD screen.
6.      Should you choose too, this unit too can take still camera pictures by doing the following:
7.      Plug the cream colored USB cord in to the USB port on your computer and the USB port on the Avervision Document Camera.
8.      Then open up the Avervision Program.  Go to Macintosh HD, Applications, and then double click on the 3512_84825_0.pngIcon.  
9.      Click on the picture of the camera.3512_84916_1.png
10.     Then it will ask you to name the file. 3512_85019_4.png
Save it as you would any other file and your image is captured in a picture.
11.     To record a video click on the 3512_85130_5.pngIcon.
12.     Then the following box will pop up.
13.     Click on the 3512_85245_7.pngIcon to start your recording and click on it again to stop recording.  
14.     After you have stopped recording the same save as box will pop up.
3512_85325_8.pngName your video and click save.  Locate it on your laptop and double click it. 3512_85356_9.jpg
It will then automatically open your video in Quicktime.  Just click the play arrow and you can display your video.

When done shut the LCD projector off and place all cords back in to the bag.