Canon Vixia HFR20 Camcorder Quick Reference Guide
1.      Open the camera door and the inside will look like this.
2.      3512_94459_0.jpg
3.      Turn on the charged camcorder by clicking the 3512_94518_1.jpgbutton.
4.      If it does go automatically to this screen when you open the side door 3512_94649_2.jpg
then click this button 3512_94713_3.jpg.
5.      On the back of the machine you will find the red record button. 3512_94743_4.jpgPress this to record and press it again to stop the recording.  While you are recording the video will also be recording.
6.      To see the video you just recorded on the camcorder click the 3512_94713_3.jpgbutton.
7.      Then on the touch screen touch the video and it will automatically play on the camcorder. 3512_94906_6.jpg
8.      To save the video to your laptop, find the cord that looks like this:
3512_94934_7.jpg9.      Plug the USB end in to your laptop and the smaller USB end in to the camcorder in the 3512_95005_8.jpgUSB port. 3512_95027_9.jpg
10.     Once the USB is plugged in open IMovie.
11.     Then click on the 3512_94713_3.jpgButton.
12.     The Camcorder will display the following message:
Touch Memory Card A as that is where your movie is stored.

Then this screen will show up.
13.     Then in IMovie click 3512_95248_13.png
3512_95259_14.png14.     The following screen will come up.
3512_95327_15.pngUnder Create new Event type in what you want it named and click Import.
15.     Then click ok when it is done.
16.     At the bottom of the IMovie Screen you will see the following icons.
3512_95406_16.png17.     Click on the one that looks like this to display and play the movie full screen. 3512_95428_17.png
18.     After you are done viewing your movie disconnect the USB cable and the camera should look like this. 3512_95502_18.jpg
19.     Click Edit then Delete to clear your movie from the Camera.
3512_95524_19.jpg20.     Then click All Scenes.
3512_95550_20.jpg21.     Now click Yes.  This will clear the camcorder’s memory for the next video.
3512_95612_21.jpg22.     Once this is done correctly the following screen will appear and you can touch OK.
3512_95639_22.jpg23.     Then just click the ON/OFF(CHG) Button to shut the camera off and close the cover.
When signing out a camcorder I would recommend signing it out the day before you need it so you can charge it up before using it for your recordings.  As always should you need Technical Assistance from our department, please email the Help Desk.