How to Save a Document as a PDF

Please note that once a document has been saved in PDF format, it will be essentially a read-only document. This means that you will be unable to edit the PDF file, so remember to keep a copy of your original!

1.  To save a document as a PDF file, select "Print..." 102512_82300_0.pngfrom the "File" menu located in the upper-left-hand portion of the screen.

2.  When the "Print" dialog box appears, click on the button located in the lower left hand corner , labeled "PDF"102512_82852_7.png.102512_82813_6.png

3.  This will bring up another menu where you can choose from a few actions associated with creating PDF documents. 102512_82415_2.png
4.  Select "Save as PDF...".102512_82503_3.png

The standard "Save" dialog box will appear. 102512_82611_4.png
5.  Select where you would like to save the PDF document and click the "Save" button. 102512_82630_5.png

You will see the standard "Print" dialog appear that shows up while printing a document. This is because the application is printing to a file instead of using a printer. After the program has finished printing there will be a PDF document in the location you specified.