How to Create Mailing Labels Using
Mail Merge with Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

1.      For this exercise start with using the following file.  

ADHoc Report Example.xlsx

The ADHoc Report Example is an example of a report that can be exported out of Infinite Campus.  

2.      Open up the  41813_32014_0.jpg file.  When opened it will look like this:

3.      Because we want to print the labels in alphabetical order by student’s last name we will need to do a sort.  Hold down the Apple/Command Key and the A Key at the same time.  This will highlight the sheet.  

4.      Now click Data and Sort    41813_32054_2.png

5.      Then chose the following:

6.      Now click 41813_32204_4.png .

7.      Your spreadsheet will now be sorted in alphabetical order so the labels will also print that way.

8.      Now do a File/Save and close out of the spreadsheet.  

9.      Now open up a new  41813_32235_6.jpgMicrosoft Word document.

10.     Go to Tools then Labels as shown below:  

11.     This box will now appear.  

12.     Type the following in the box so it looks like this.  

13.     Now make sure that the label box is marked for Single Labels so it looks like this.  

14.     Your label section should now look like this.

15.     Now click41813_32441_12.png  so the following screen appears.  
16.     41813_32446_13.png

17.     Now go over to the Mail Merge Manager box and click the following in Section 2.  

18.     Because our spreadsheet is on the desktop we would select the following:

19.     When this appears click on the  41913_60602_0.png report and then click  41913_60613_1.png.

20.     Now this message will appear.  Click  41913_60631_2.png.

21.     Your next box will look like this.

22.     When it appears click 41913_60737_5.png .

23.     In the label mail merge box now you can insert your fields so they appear as shown below.  Place the normal spaces and punctuation as you would if you were typing the labels.

24.     To insert the above fields you would click on the 41913_60836_7.png  to find the fields you would like to insert into the label.  Once you are done click the  41913_60854_8.png button.

25.     Your sheet will now look like this.

26.     When your Mail Merge Manager box appears go down to section 41913_60932_10.jpg .

27.     Now click on the 41913_61013_12.png  in this box 41913_61022_13.png  to complete the merge of the labels.

28.     Your labels will now look like this.  

29.     You could now hold down the Apple/Command Key and the Apple Key at the same time to highlight the labels.  Once you have them highlighted you can change the font, size, and color of the label by using your tools in the Toolbar.
30.     Now load your labels into the printer.

31.     Then do a File Print 41913_61139_16.png

32.     You may now also do a File Save As to save your labels if you wish.  

33.     Name your label file and you are finished.