How to Use FreeSnap Image Capture

1.      Click on the 32113_110814_0.jpg  icon and go to the 32113_110824_1.png  folder.

2.      In the Applications folder find the 32113_110837_2.png icon and double click on it.

3.      When FreeSnap opens it will look like this32113_110908_3.pngor this 32113_110918_4.png .

4.      If your FreeSnap looks like this 32113_110918_4.png when you open it click on the  32113_111003_6.png to open it up so you get the full view which should look like this.

5.      In the Setting Snap Section the following will appear 32113_111049_8.png when you click on the 32113_111102_10.png next to 32113_111108_11.png .

6.      If you click 32113_111128_12.png  you will then be able to just take a screenshot of whatever part of the picture you want to use.  Because this is the most popular choice we will set the FreeSnap settings for this as shown here.

7.      Now you will need to select a destination.  If you want to save it to the clipboard so you can just paste it after you have snapped it then select Clipboard.  This option works well if you don’t want a JPEG file of the screen shot.

8.      Now that you have the settings done you can click on  32113_111223_14.png.  Within 5 seconds of clicking snap the mouse cursor will change to a cross hair and then allow you to highlight the selection that you want to take a snapshot of.  

9.      Once you have shot your selection you can then paste it into your document by holding down the Apple/Command key and the V key at the same time or you may click   32113_111243_15.png

10.     You should now see your shot selection in your document.

11.     If you wanted to make a JPEG (picture file) of this selection you would need to change your Destination to File as shown below.

12.     Now when you click 32113_111223_14.png it will create a JPEG file on your desktop that you can rename if you wish.  I would look something like this.  

13.     This file could now be opened to view and can be used as you would use any picture file.

14.     If you wanted to make a JPEG of your entire screen then you would change your Snap Settings from Selection to Screen as shown here.

15.     How you utilize FreeSnap is up to you and all based on how you set your settings in the above box.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email the Help Desk.