How to Create and Save an Electronic Time Sheet

1.      Open the School Conference  32013_104702_0.jpg and go to 32013_104717_1.png  .

2.      Now click on 32013_104732_2.png so the following shows up:


3.      Click on the one named
4.      Drag it to your computer desktop so it looks like this:

5.      Now double click on it so it will open and fill in the blanks like shown below:

6.      Now click File, Save As  32013_105005_7.png

7.      Now type in the date next to Time Sheet so it looks like this and save it to the Desktop.

8.      Now click 32013_105055_9.png  .  You have now created an electronic time sheet.  It will look like this on your desktop.  32013_105109_10.png 

9.      Now you can save a copy of this time sheet to your Documents Folder in your email account by dragging it to your  32013_105133_11.png folder inside your email.

10.     Once you have done this you can then email it to your supervisor by opening a new message.  To do this click on your 32013_105200_12.jpg  twice.  

11.     Click  32013_105230_13.png and type the following in the boxes.

12.      32013_105246_14.png

13.     Now drag the  32013_105259_15.png by just clicking on it once, hold the mouse click down and drag it over to the gray part of your email.

14.     When done correctly it will look like this:

15.     Now you can type a little note in the white part.  Something like this:
16.     The next step is to click on the 32013_105449_19.png  so on the right side it will show the following postmark.  

17.     You can then drag the time sheet to the trash on the computer by just clicking on it once, hold the mouse click down and drag it to the trash 32013_105517_21.jpg .  
This will remove it from the desktop of the computer.  

18.     You can then double click on the trash can and empty the trash by clicking on the   32013_105553_22.pngicon and 32013_105558_23.png .

19.     Now for the next time sheet the process is much easier.  Open your email and double click your  32013_105727_24.png folder inside your email.  

20.     Now double click on your old time sheet

21.     Now change the payroll dates and save it for the next pay period.  To save it for the next pay period click  32013_105850_26.png.

22.     When this box appears change the date and location.  It will look like this first   

23.     We want to save this for the next pay period so to do this click in the
box to change the date to 040513 so it looks like this

24.     Click the 32013_110320_31.png next to   32013_110326_32.png
to change the location to 32013_110333_33.png .

25.     When it is correctly done it will look like this:

26.     Now click 32013_110451_35.png.

27.     You should now see your new time sheet on the desktop of the computer and it will look like this.  32013_110512_36.jpg

28.     Now go back to steps 10 – 17 to send your time sheet to your supervisor, save it to your Documents folder, and delete it from the desktop of the computer.