How to Change Your Macbook Teacher Account Password

This year Teacher Accounts have been given Administrator Rights, which means be very careful with updates and never update your firmware.  If you run updates, it may lock up your machine and you could lose everything especially if you have an MLTI macbook.    If you have questions about updates, please email the Help Desk.

1.      Double click on the Teacher icon.

2.      Enter the starter password.
3.      Go to System Preferences by clicking on the 41812_24250_0.pngicon.
4.      Your screen should then look like this.41812_24312_1.png

5       Click on the  41812_24504_0.png icon.
6.      Click on 41812_24532_1.png .
7.      In the accounts section click on Change Password.

8.      It will look like this.
9.      Enter your starter password as the old password.  Then enter your new password under New Password: and again under Verify:  In Password Hint you may enter anything that will help you remember your computer’s password.

10.     If you are having difficulty changing your Teacher Password, please email the Help Desk and we will assist.