How to Add a Printer Using System Preferences

1.      Go to System Preferences by clicking on the 42612_64005_0.png   icon.  
Or click on the 42612_64027_1.png in the upper left corner of your screen and click System Preferences. 42612_64046_2.png
2.      Your screen should then look like this.
3.      Click on the 42612_64146_4.pngicon.
4.      The screen will look like this:
5.      Click on 42612_64231_6.pngunder your list of printers.   (Select a printer and click on the 82715_15153_0.png and it will delete a printer)
6.      Then the Add Printer box will appear as shown below.
7.      Click on 42612_64320_8.pngin the upper left.  Your screen will then look like this:
8.      Click on the printer you wish to add.  Make sure the choice says "@printserver".  The "Print Using" box should give a driver name not "Air Print" or "Generic Apple Driver".  The "Air Print" choice is for the iPad only.
9.      Click on the 42612_64435_11.pngbutton.
10.     To change your Default Printer click on the 42612_64453_12.pngnext to 42612_64522_13.png

11.     Click on the printer you would like to always have as your Default Printer.

12.     Then press return.  The printer you selected will appear in the Default Printer box and will look like this:  82813_72224_4.png

13.     Now close out of System Preferences as you have successfully loaded a printer.

How to Add a Printer Without Using System Preferences

1.      You can also add a printer without using System Preferences.  Open the document that you would like to print.
2.      Click File, Print and the following Print Box will appear.

3.      Click on the 42612_65937_17.png in the 42612_65954_18.pngbox.  (make sure you choose one with @printserver)
4.      Scroll down and click on  42612_70017_19.png.

5.      A printer list will now appear.  When it does, just click on the printer you would like to add.
6.      Now the printer that you just added will appear in the Print Box. 82813_72401_5.png
7.      You can now print your document to the new printer.