How to Create Letters Using Mail Merge with Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

1.      Please open the 41813_25455_0.jpg  to create a letter with Mail Merge using an Excel Spreadsheet.  This is just a base template of a Mail Merge Sample Letter for this lesson.  Any letter can be created and used with any Excel Spreadsheet.

                                                        Mail Merge Sample Letter.docx

2.      Go down to the greeting section and click your cursor after the word of as shown here.  41813_25537_1.png

3.      Now go to Tools and Mail Merge Manager as shown here.

4.      This box will now appear.  

5.      Click the following in Section 1.  

6.      Now go down to Section 2.

7.      Click 41813_25828_6.png
8.      Now save this file to your Desktop and chose it.
                                                         ADHoc Report Example.xlsx
9.      Click 41813_25908_9.png .

10.     When the following box appears click 41813_25922_10.png .  

11.     Now click 41813_25922_10.png again when you see this box.

12.     Now Placeholders will appear in Section 3 and look like this.  

13.     Drag the Student’s First and Last Name Placeholders as shown here.
14.     Be sure to leave a space between the two Placeholders.

15.     Now do the next paragraph as shown here.

16.     Now scroll down to the next section and drag the Placeholders as shown here.
17.     Please note you may have to click the 41813_30257_18.png  keys to see all Placeholders.     

18.     Also, when you are using the Placeholders make sure to use proper spacing and punctuation.

19.     Now go down to Section 6.   

20.     Click on the  41813_30351_22.png to complete the merge.

21.     You will now notice that you have a new letter for each child that looks like this.
41813_30418_23.png22.     You may print one or all of the letters.  Click File, Print to find your choices of Print Options.  At this point you may save the file to print another day using File, Save As.