To Back Up to your Google Drive simply Launch42913_31936_5.pngfrom your applications folder (please use Chrome - Safari can not upload folders)

Click "Teacher" or "Student" in the left Pane 42913_31525_2.png(this is your "Home" folder)

(if you used the recommended "Documents" folder choose that42913_31729_3.png)
(If you leave folders folders and files on your desktop you will have to choose "Desktop"42913_31752_4.png)

Click 42913_32238_6.png and your files will start to Upload to your account.

NOTE:  Google can convert many documents to Google Docs.  If you are unsure about doing this leave the checkboxes unchecked in the next window.
This will leave your documents untouched 42913_33140_7.png