How to Access Infinite Campus
Student Assessment Scores

1.      Login to Infinite Campus by clicking on the below link.

2.      Type in your username and password.

3.      Click on the Index tab and click on 102612_85245_1.png.

4.      Click on the Search tab and make sure the pull down menu looks like this:   102612_85338_2.png

5.      Type in the student’s last name in the search box and click go. 102612_85404_3.png

6.      Click on the student’s name under the  102612_85435_4.png

7.      Look for the Assessment Tab.  102612_85443_5.png

8.      It will look like this: 102612_85505_6.png

9.      Click on the 102612_85505_6.pngTab.

10.     This is an example of what you might see:  102612_85546_8.png

11.     Click on the 102612_85606_9.pngnext to 102612_85626_10.png .

12.     This will give you your student’s scores for the most recent testing session and look like this:


13.     You will notice that the information provided gives the date of the test and the Scale Score.  You may also click on previous tests shown to get prior test results for previous years.