1517_14246_5.jpgManage phone/email/text messages from MSAD#55

You can make an account to control how automated MSAD#55 communications are made to you.  Then you can use a cell phone app to view the communications.

You must make a Portal Account First.

Use the Link below to create a personal communications management account.  Please use a web browser not a BbConnect phone app to setup your account.   When you are asked for an ID or Code - type in one of your children's Sacopee Lunch Numbers.  You can link all of your children using their lunch numbers if they attend Sacopee Schools.  The link to the portal and a link to directions are listed below:
Link to the MSAD#55 Blackboard Connect Portal (Click "Sign Me Up!")     

MSAD#55 Blackboard Connect Portal Instructions

Once you have made a portal account, you can use the portal account and password to run the cell phone app for your brand of phone.

Download the App for ANDROID
Download the App for iPhone

1314_14330_0.pngMSAD#55 Blackboard Connect Calling System Reset
If you wish to opt out of the calling system please call 1-855-502-7967
If you opted out and wish to reregister your number please call 1-855-502-7867