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Students in Mrs. Cyr's grade three classroom wrote about our American Flag using Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives! Enjoy their thoughts in these Cinquain poems!
Poetry by Mrs. Cyr's Grade Three Students


Digi Blocks Come to SAD #55!

Kindergarten                                  Grade 1                                        Grade 2
The Digi-Block Program is a system of small rectangular-shaped blocks and empty holders. These materials allow children to discover the important relationship between ones and tens – a concept important to understanding how numbers work. The blocks are a resource for K-2 teachers to integrate into our Everyday Math lessons as they support students' understanding of place value.

South Hiram staff is working with students on what is called Better Answers, a three-step method of answering questions adapted from Better Answers: Written Performance That Looks Good and Sounds Smart by Ardith Davis Cole. Basically, Better Answers gives our students a simple way to answer questions and we use a ‘BETTER ANSWER SANDWICH’ to help students remember the important parts to include....
                      Step One = Top Bun or restating and giving a gist, or simple, answer.
           Step Two = Juicy Details or reasons that backing up your gist answer.
              Step Three = Bottom Bun or writing a wrap-up sentence --or conclusion.

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Hamilton's classroom shared fire safety ideas during a K-2 Morning Meeting.Fire Safety MM.jpg

Fire Safety 1.jpg
Fire Saftey 2.jpg
Fire Safety 3.jpg
Fire Safety 4.jpg
Fire Safety 5.jpg
Thank you to the Kezar Falls Fire Department for supplying fire safety coloring booklets and stickers to all K-2 students.

South Hiram students, families, and teachers love winter. Click here to enjoy creative thoughts about our Maine winters written by our school community and inspired by poet Douglas Florian.

Animal ABC Book by Mrs. Dann's
This project was made with Google Presentations on animals that students then imported into one large presentation. Enjoy learning about some unusual animals A- Z!
Terry Dann's Class ABC Book of

Welcome to the Solar System
Mrs. Cyr's grade three students invite you to learn more about our solar system by visiting their slideshow made this spring. be ready for some out of this world learning!

Inventions In Second Grade
Grade two completed their Inventions Unit in March. Students each created an invention designed to help solve an everyday problem. Students explored the real and fictional world of inventions through literature, completed an invention plan, and then shared their inventions in oral presentations. Take a look at these wonderful creations that illustrate problem-solving at work! Grade 2 Inventions